Mustard Greens

Syn. Chinese mustard; mustard greens; kaai tsoi, tua-chia (China); cai sin (Indonesia); karashina (Japan); sawi sawi (Malaysia); phak kwang tung khiao (Thai); cai be xanh (Vietnam)
Brassica juncea
Leaf mustards add zest to a salad mix; harvest small or full size. Leaf colour is best in temperate areas, it grows in the subtropics during winter. Mustards prefer a position in full sun with a rich, well-drained soil. A cool-weather crop, sow direct into rows 25 cm apart in late autumn. Sow 5-10 mm deep, cover with fine soil, firm down. It germinates well in cool, wet weather and thrives in these conditions. Sow every two weeks for successive crops. The flowers are highly attractive to beneficial insects.

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