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Seedmart Australia is an international supplier of hand-selected heirloom and open-pollinated herb, microgreen, flower, and vegetable seeds. Most of our seeds are traditional, old varieties lovingly handed down from generation to generation. Our range of seeds are non-GMO, untreated, and open-pollinated.
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Good for People and the Environment

As a community of growers, we embrace a lifestyle of growing fresh, organic food and share a belief that locally-grown food makes a difference in our lives. Our network of seed savers, permaculture farmers, and regenerative farmers are committed to practices that are sustainable and good for people and the environment.

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Grow your own Chemical-Free Produce

Seedmart Australia offers tools and resources to help you grow nutritious, chemical-free produce – and to enjoy the love of nature and gardening.


Did you know that bees pollinate approximately ⅓ of our food supply and the vast majority of native flowering plants? These pollinators may be little in size, but they play a big role in helping plants grow and produce food. Most of our favourite crops, including, coffee, mangoes, strawberries and avocadoes are pollinated by bees.   When you grow bee-friendly herbs and flowers, such as lavender, coneflower, hyssop, and lemon balm, you create a garden that is beautiful and beneficial. Browse our range of open pollinated, and chemical free flower and herb seeds now.


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