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Tatsoi Vegetable Seeds
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Tatsoi Vegetable Seeds


  • Ideal for baby leaf & microgreen production.
  • Grow all year round in mild climates.
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Tatsoi Vegetable Seeds – Bulk

Botanical name: Brassica rapa var. rosularis
Other names: Chinese flat cabbage, tai koo choi (China), choy sum (Malaysia), phak kwang do (Thai), cai ngot bong (Vietnam), Rosette Pak Choi.

Tatsoi is a versatile leafy green vegetable native to China and grown extensively in Northeast Asian countries. Fast and easy to grow, this annual plant has glossy, deep green, spoon-shaped leaves that lie flat in a rosette shape.

Tatsoi is highly productive and used as a cut-and-come-again salad green. Pick fresh leaves regularly and add them to salads or cooked meals.

Culinary Uses

These leafy green vegetables are a staple in Asian cuisine. The flavour is mild, similar to spinach. Toss the young, tender leaves raw into salads. Toss the leaves and stems into soups and stews, stir-fry with shrimp paste and aromatics, or blanch and use as a spinach substitute. In South Korean cuisine, tatsoi or bok choy are ingredients used for kimchi.

Grow Tatsoi

Tatsoi is a low-maintenance plant that can be grown during months with mild weather. Although it can withstand cooler temperatures, it is not frost-hardy (light frost only). It is easy to grow from seed and can be grown directly in soil or raised as seedlings before transplanting into your garden bed.

Harvest in 21 days for baby leaf or 50 days for full maturity. The plant can be cut and will continue to regrow.

Hydroponic or Microgreens

Tatsoi is an ideal variety for producing microgreens as it is fast and easy to grow. Ready to harvest in approximately ten days, it is a consistent crop that rarely fails. The mild mustard flavour and glossy green leaves make it an attractive garnish. The mild flavour is more appealing to most customers than spicy mustard varieties such as Oriental or Wasabi.

  • Grow tatsoi hydroponically or in a quality potting mix.
  • Popular addition to baby salad and mesclun mixes.

Sowing Period for Tatsoi


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Growing Instructions

Grow Tatsoi (Baby Leaf & Mature Plant)

  • Space rows: 40 cm apart.
  • Space plants: 20 cm.
  • Sowing depth: 0.6 cm.
  • Soil temperature: 7-25°C.
  • Grow in Spring, Winter, and Autumn.
  • Avoid growing in extreme heat or cold.
  • Keep well watered. Moist soil. Full sun.
  • Ready to harvest: 21 – 45 days (Baby leaf – 21 days).

Grow Tatsoi (Microgreens)

  • Pre-soak seeds: No
  • Sow rate: Approx. 25 grams for a 10 x 20′ grow tray.
  • Grow medium: hemp mats, soil, or coir peat.
  • Method: If growing with soil, you’ll need to add 3-4 cm of soil and flatten the medium. Spread the seeds evenly over the soil. Water well with a spray mister.
  • Weight the tray: Yes.
  • Germination time: 3-5 days. Stack trays in a well ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Water twice daily.
  • Harvest: 8-12 days.

Click here to download a microgreen guide with growing tips, instructions & troubleshooting.

Product Specifications

  • Non-GMO seeds.
  • No chemical treatment
  • Open Pollinated.
  • Variety: Brassica narinosa.
  • Seeds per gram: Approx. 400.
  • We do not ship to WA or Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.