Carrot Paris Market Vegetable Seeds


  • Tender & crunchy variety.
  • Bright orange, round baby carrots (2 – 4 cm).
  • French heirloom variety.
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Carrot Paris Market Vegetable Seeds – Heirloom & Bulk

  • French, heirloom variety from 1800’s.
  • Suitable for container growing.
  • Fast & easy to grow.
  • Can be grown in all soil types, including shallow soil.

Growing Instructions

Row Spacing

25 cm apart

Plant Spacing

2 - 5 cm

Sowing Depth

0.5 cm

Germination Soil Temperature


Germination Days

14 - 21 days

Days to Maturity

55 - 70 days 

Planting Season

Plant in Spring, Summer & Autumn.


Full sun. Keep soil moist and well drained. pH between 6.5 and 7.0.

Life Cycle

Perennial variety. Often grown as an annual.

Seed Germination Guarantee

Seed Guarantee

Our seeds come with a satisfactory germination rate guarantee for 3 months from date of purchase if stored correctly. Store seeds in a cool, dry place (under 10°C) or in an airtight container in the fridge.