syn. Leaf Amaranth; Chinese Spinach, Tampala, bayam
Botanical name: Amaranthus tricolor

A nutritious, leafy green for warmer areas. It is a fast-growing and best to harvest the whole plant as older plants get tough and bitter tasting. Successive sowings will provide greens over a long period. The leaves have a sweet, tangy flavour and are best cooked, raw leaves should not be eaten very often, as they are high in nitrates and oxalic acid. In China and Japan it is the main vegetable used as a cooked green. Leaf Amaranth prefers a fertile, well-drained garden soil, full sun to partial shade. Soil temperature needs to be at least 20°C to germinate seed, sow late spring and summer. Harvest is 30 days to baby leaf and 50 days to maturity, when they are about 20 cm tall. As they get older the leaves will get tougher.

Amaranth Red Garnet
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