Botanical name: Beta vulgaris

syn. Chard
Silverbeet grows in full sun in a rich well-drained soil with added compost. Sow autumn and early spring in temperate and subtropical areas; sow in the dry season in the tropics. In cold areas, avoid sowing in winter. In hot, humid areas, avoid growing over summer due to problems with fungal disease. In cooler areas silverbeet is a biennial (lives for 2 years) but it is relatively short-lived in hotter areas. Sow seed direct 10 – 15 mm deep. Space 30 – 40 cm apart. Keep well supplied with water and mulched. Using a seaweed spray regularly will help to keep diseases such as rust and leaf spot at bay. To harvest gently pull the outer leaves away from the plant. Cutting the stems and leaving a leaf stub can increase problems with disease

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