Botanical name: Abelmoschus esculentus syn. Hibiscus esculentus

Okra grows as a vigorous, annual bush to 1-1.5m tall. It is a truly heritage vegetable having been grown by the ancient Egyptians. Sow okra direct, after frost, it needs a warm soil to germinate. Keep soil moist. It grows best in a fertile, well-drained soil, slightly acid pH 6.00 – 6.5, prepared with plenty of organic matter. Plant bushes in full sun 30-40 cm apart. Soak seed for 12 hours before planting to improve germination. Sow seed 2 cm deep. For continuous production harvest pods every day, when about 8 cm long. Sow spring and summer. Suitable for temperate (if started early), subtropical and tropical areas.

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