Climbing Bean

What’s in a name?
The beans commonly grown and sold in Australia can also be called French beans, green beans, snap beans, shell beans or runner beans.
Botanically they can be divided into 2 groups:
1. Phaseolus vulgaris
This group includes snap beans, string beans, French beans, kidney beans, flageolets, haricot vert, filet beans and romano beans. This is a very diverse group, with seeds in an amazing range of colours. There are both fresh and dried types and climbing and bush types.
2. Phaseolus coccineus
This group is commonly called Runner Beans syn. Case Knife Bean, the bean seeds are large and the flowers are pink or red. Most runner beans are climbing which is where the name ‘runner’ comes from and they are often perennial . It includes the cultivars Painted Lady, Sunset, Scarlet Runner syn. Seven Year Bean. They are best in cooler areas.

These beans can be further divided into bush (also called dwarf beans) or climbing beans (also called pole beans).

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