Vermiculite Fine Grade 25 litre
Vermiculite Fine or Medium Grade
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Vermiculite Fine or Medium Grade


  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Make your own potting mix.
  • Adds moisture to grow medium.
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Vermiculite Fine or Medium Grade – Made in Australia

What is vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral (hydrated magnesium-iron-aluminium-silicate). It is used in gardening and horticulture to make potting mix and soilless growing mixes. 

Heated, it expands (exfoliates) up to ten times, becoming lightweight, porous granules with air pockets. Improved aeration, drainage, nutrients and water retention are benefits of using vermiculite as a substrate.

Soil free grow medium
  • Make your own light and fluffy potting mix by combining vermiculite with other substrates such as coir peat, peat moss, compost, sand, and perlite. Raise seedlings, grow microgreens or hydroponic plants.   
  • Raise seeds in a 100% vermiculite medium, or cover seeds with a light layer of vermiculite. 
  • Retain moisture levels and assists with germination. 
Sterile and neutral pH medium
  • Sterile and clean grow medium. Suitable for applications where crops are harvested close to the soil, including microgreens. 
  • Excellent for hydroponic baby leaf and herb production. 
  • Generally neutral 7.0 pH. 
  • As an inorganic medium, it won’t rot, mould or decay. 
Improves soil aeration
  • Lightweight and fluffy, it improves the aeration of soil. Creates air pockets in soil, improving the circulation of oxygen. 
  • Promotes healthy root development and encourages plant growth. 
  • Suitable for heavy, clay and sandy soils. 
Retains soil moisture
  • The sponge-like structure provides good water retention properties.
  • These properties support the root systems of young plants.
  • An ideal grow medium for plants that require good moisture levels, such as ferns.
  • Vermiculite improves soil drainage.
Plants absorb nutrients
  • Help your plants absorb essential nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and calcium by using this grow medium. 
  • Minimises fertiliser leaching.
  • Acts as a soil enhancement and conditioner.  


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Product Specifications

  • Available as a fine grade 2 or medium grade 3 vermiculite.
  • Australian made.
  • Product packaged in 5 and 100 litre bags.