Cool Season Green Manure Mix
Cool Season Cover Green Manure Seeds
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Cool Season Cover Green Manure Seeds


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Autumn/Winter Green Manure Mix

Improve soil health and increase organic matter with our Autumn/Winter Green Manure Mix. Perfect for sowing in the cooler months, this mix adds biodiversity, and effectively suppresses weeds, ensuring your garden thrives year-round.

As a general guide sow autumn; in areas with cold winters in southern Australia, begin sowing in early March and again in early spring; most of northern NSW and Queensland should wait until late April – May before sowing; in frost-free areas these seeds can be sown right through winter, until early August.

250 grams covers approximately 70 square metres.

1 kg covers approximately 250 square metres.

4 kg covers approximately 1000 square metres.

Product Details

  • Contents: May contain Barley, Broad Bean, Clover Red, Dun Field Pea, Millet Japanese, Mustard, Oats, Radish, Rye, Vetch, Wheat, Dill.
  • Sowing Time: Autumn – Winter (specific months may vary based on region).
  • Germination: Varies by species, typically between 5 – 14 days.
  • Depth: Cultivated into top 4 – 5 cm of soil. Broadcast over freshly cultivated soil.
  • Position: Select a sunny to partially shaded location.
  • Soil Type: Prefers fertile, well-drained soil with a pH of 6 – 7. Ensure soil is free from debris and weeds before sowing.
  • Spacing: Scatter seeds evenly, aiming for a dense cover.
  • Details: Keep soil consistently moist during germination. Once established, water as needed, ensuring the soil does not become waterlogged.
  • Benefits: Improves soil structure, adds nutrients, suppresses weeds, attracts beneficial insects, and enhances overall garden health.

Revitalise your garden and prepare it for the seasons ahead with our Autumn/Winter Green Manure Mix. Create a thriving ecosystem and enjoy the rewards of healthy, nutrient-rich soil.

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Product Specifications

  • Non GMO.
  • No chemical treatment.
  • Variety: Lablab (Rongai).
  • Botanical name: Lablab purpureus.
  • Seed count per gram:  Approx. 4.
  • We do not ship to WA or Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.