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Zucchini Black Beauty Seeds
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Zucchini Black Beauty Seeds


  • Fast growing variety.
  • Highly productive crop.
  • Easy to grow.
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Zucchini Black Beauty Vegetable Seeds – Bulk & Heirloom

  • Bush variety.
  • Plants produce up to 4 kg of fruit each.
  • Glossy, dark green fruit with uniform colour.
  • Pick at approximately 15 cm to encourage more fruit to grow.
  • Warm climate crop. Grow in temperatures over 21º C in full sun.
  • Avoid watering leaves to prevent disease.
  • For the best production of fruit, pollinate the zucchini flowers in the morning while the flowers are still open. Cut a male flower from plant (with stamen intact) and carefully brush it against a female flower. If you are blessed to have a garden filled with beneficial insects and bees, then they’ll take care of the pollination process for you.

Growing Instructions

Row Spacing

100 cm apart

Plant Spacing

80 cm

Sowing Depth

2 cm

Germination Soil Temperature


Germination Days

7 - 14 days

Days to Maturity

45 - 60 days 

Planting Season

Plant in Spring & Summer. Avoid frost. 


Full sun. Keep soil moist and well drained. pH of 6.5.

Life Cycle

Annual variety.


Additional information

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Product Specifications

  • Open pollinated.
  • No Chemical Treatment.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Seeds per gram: Approx. 6.
  • Botanical name: Cucurbita pepo.
  • Variety: Black Beauty (heirloom).
  • We do not ship to WA or Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.