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Valerian Herb Seeds
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Valerian Herb Seeds


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Botanical Name: Valeriana officinalis

Valerian, scientifically known as Valeriana officinalis, is a perennial herb revered for its medicinal properties and soothing fragrance. This herbaceous plant is native to Europe and parts of Asia, known for its clusters of delicate pink or white flowers and fern-like foliage. Valerian is a favorite among herbalists and gardeners alike, prized for its calming effects and ornamental beauty.

Plant Type: Hardy, perennial herbaceous plant; adapts well to various climates.

Plant Height: Typically grows up to 120 cm in height.

Sow When:

  • Temperate: March – May, September – November
  • Subtropical: April – June, October – December
  • Tropical: Year-round
  • Arid: October – February
  • Cool: March – May, September – November

Germination: Valerian seeds germinate best when soil temperatures range between 15°C and 20°C.

Depth: Plant seeds approximately 2-3 mm deep in the soil.

Position: Valerian thrives in partial shade to full sun, preferably in a sheltered location.

Sow Where: Begin seeds indoors and transplant seedlings into well-drained, loamy soil.

Soil Type: Valerian prefers fertile, well-drained soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH.

Spacing: Space plants approximately 30-45 cm apart to allow for adequate growth and airflow.

Harvest: Harvest valerian roots after two to three years of growth for their medicinal properties. The flowers can also be harvested for their ornamental value. Enjoy the calming effects of valerian in herbal teas, tinctures, or as a natural sleep aid.

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Product Specifications

  • Open-pollinated, non-hybrid.
  • Non GMO.
  • No chemical treatment.
  • Variety: Valerian.
  • Botanical name: Valeriana officinalis.
  • Seeds per gram: Approx. 1500.
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