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Pure Guard Substrate Presoak and Mould Inhibitor
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Pure Guard Substrate Presoak and Mould Inhibitor


  • Controls mould & fungal outbreaks.
  • Cleanses the root system of plants.
  • Excellent for microgreens.
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Pure Guard Substrate Presoak and Mould Inhibitor

Pure Guard is a hydroponic substrate steriliser and system cleanser.

Pure Guard will naturally improve overall plant health by effectively cleaning and sanitising the root zone. It enhances the growth and general well-being of hydroponically grown plants without harming the plants that come in contact with the product.

Pure Guard is a Prophylactic treatment, which once applied to the tray or system surface fends off fungal diseases and prevents mould outbreaks. Pure Guard has proven to be one of the most effective products available to both indoors and outdoors growers. Pure Guard contains a Quaternary Ammonium compound which once applied, creates a protective shield. Pure Guard is derived from natural sources such as soy bean extract, which is non-toxic, non systemic and safe for people, plants and pets.

Pure Guard is totally safe to use and is one of only a few products available today that can make the claim of being totally environmentally friendly. Pure Guard uses an organic dispersant and a non-ionic surfactant to cleanse and Pre-treat all materials that come in contact with the plants rootzone. Pure Guard DOES NOT contain any harmful chemicals.

Points to be aware of when using Pure Guard.

Pure Guard is a great solution additive to improve the overall health of plants. Healthy plants are better equipped to discourage pest and fungal outbreaks as well as other bacterial pathogens. Be aware Pure Guard does not promote beneficial bacterial growth. If you are trying to promote beneficial bacteria growth this is probably not a desirable solution to use.

When dosing tanks with Pure Guard it may cause the solution to foam up initially. This foaming will dissipate over time and will not have any adverse effect on plants. Be sure to turn off all forms of oxygenation methods while dosing tanks. Pure Guard must make contact with the entire surface that comes in contact with the root zone to be an effective cleanser and conditioner.

It is important to note as plant varieties vary greatly, that it is recommended growers test for plant sensitivity before applying Pure Guard on a large scale. Please be aware Pure Guard is not a regulator of plant growth. Do not use Pure Guard in conjunction with any other root zone treatments, stimulants or preventatives. Pure Guard should be applied as a standalone root zone treatment. Pure Guard should be stored in a cool dark place away from any heat or light source. Pure Guard does not require any with-holding period prior to harvest as it has no systemic qualities.

Pure Guard has been developed to treat a wide variety of mould, mildew and algae problems in a wide variety of growing environments.

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Product Specifications

  • Available in 250 ml, 1 litre & bulk 5 litre packs.
  • Made in Australia.

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