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Cherry Strawberry Guava Seeds
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Cherry Strawberry Guava Seeds


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  • Evergreen shrub native to Brazil.
  • Juicy and sweet berries.
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CHERRY syn. ‘Strawberry Guava’ Seeds

Botanical Name: Psidium littorale syn. P. cattleianum

Cherry Guava is an evergreen shrub with white flowers that bloom in late spring. Fruit is round, plum-sized, deep wine-red, with a very thin skin. The flesh is juicy with a sweet flavor. Cherry guavas dislike low temperatures but will tolerate some frost and are hardier to cold than the common guava. The fruit can be eaten raw and is high in Vitamin C; it is also used in jellies, drinks, and jams. The plant is useful as a fruiting hedge, poultry forage, and windbreak.

Plant Type: Bushy shrub 3 to 6 m high

Plant Height: 3 to 6 m

Sow When:

  • Temperate/Subtropical: Early spring – inside with extra heat; November – December
  • Tropical: October – January


  • 2 – 8 weeks; needs indirect light
  • Depth: 5 mm deep; pre-soak for 48 hours

Position: Full sun

Sow Where: Into seedling trays; prick out into forestry tubes for later transplanting: use a sandy potting mix; liquid feed once germinated. Pre-sprouting seed between moist layers of kitchen towel inside a sealed cliplock bag is worthwhile.

Soil Type: Tolerant of a wide range of soil types but needs good drainage: pH 5 – 7

Spacing: 4 m between plants

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Product Specifications

  • Variety: Cherry Strawberry Guava.
  • Botanical name: Psidium littorale syn. P. cattleianum.
  • Open pollinated, not-chemically treated, non-GMO.
  • We do not ship this seed to Tasmania or NZ due to quarantine restrictions.