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Celery Tall Utah Vegetable Seeds
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Celery Tall Utah Vegetable Seeds


  • Stringless variety.
  • Crisp, delicious flavour.
  • Good disease tolerance.
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CELERY ‘Tall Utah’ Vegetable Seeds

Botanical Name: Apium graveolens

‘Tall Utah’ is a disease resistant variety with large, full hearts with round, smooth ribs. The dark green, stringless stalks are tender, crisp and tasty. Days to harvest: 100 – 120.

Plant Type: Biennial cool season crop; frost tolerant

Plant Height: 30 – 60 cm

Sow When:

  • Temperate Subtropical: Early spring to late summer
  • Tropical: Late winter to early spring; some varieties may tolerate cooler temperatures
  • Cool Arid Climates: Early spring and late summer to early autumn; maintain consistent moisture for germination


  • 14 – 21 days
  • Depth: 2 – 3 mm deep
  • Temperature: 12-21°C.

Position: Full sun to partial shade

Sow Where: Start seeds indoors in trays or sow directly into well-prepared soil

Soil Type: Rich, fertile soil with good drainage; pH 6.0 – 7.0

Rows: 80 cm apart

Spacing: 20 – 30 cm between plants

Details: Celery seeds are slow to germinate, so patience is key. Keep soil consistently moist until seedlings emerge. Transplant seedlings outdoors once they have developed a few true leaves, and continue to water regularly to ensure proper growth.

Harvest: 90 – 120 days: Harvest stalks when they reach the desired size, typically 25 – 30 cm in length. Cut stalks at the base of the plant, leaving the rest of the plant intact to continue producing throughout the season.

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Product Specifications

  • Non-GMO seeds.
  • No chemical treatment.
  • Open pollinated.
  • Botanical name: Apium graveolens var. dulce.
  • Variety: Tall Utah (heirloom).
  • Seeds per gram: Approx. 2500.
  • Please note: We do not ship seeds to Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.