Watermelon Crimson Sweet
Watermelon Crimson Sweet Warpaint
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Watermelon Crimson Sweet Warpaint


  • Harvest in 80 – 90 days.
  • Popular open pollinated variety.
  • Good disease resistance.
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Watermelon ‘Crimson Sweet Warpaint’ Seeds

Botanical Name: Citrullus lanatus

‘All Sweet’ produces a big crop of large, juicy melons with relatively few seeds. The fruit weighs 8 to 12kg and is large and oblong shaped, with a striped green rind and sweet bright red flesh. It is suitable for both home gardens and market growers. It holds well on the vine without becoming over-ripe, and the tough skin resists bruising. It is disease resistant, particularly to Fusarium and Anthracnose.

Plant Type: Annual rambling vine

Plant Height: 45 cm

Sow When:

  • Temperate: Oct – Nov, after all danger of frost
  • Subtropical: Sept – Nov after all danger of frost
  • Tropical: April – July

Germination: 4 – 10 days

Depth: 1.5 – 2 cm deep

Position: Full sun

Sow Where: Directly where it is to grow

Soil Type: Fertile, well-drained, pH 6 – 6.5

Rows: 2 m apart

Spacing: 1 m between plants on raised mounds

Details: Slide a board or a piece of cardboard under fruit to reduce contact with the soil.

Harvest: 90 – 104 days: harvest when the tendril closest to the fruit stem is dry and brown, and the underside of the fruit has changed to a yellow color.


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