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Collards Georgia Southern Vegetable Seeds
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Collards Georgia Southern Vegetable Seeds


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  • Hardy and easy to grow.
  • Tolerant of cold conditions.
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COLLARDS ‘Georgia Southern’ Seeds

Botanical Name: Brassica oleracea Acephala Group

Georgia Southern’ collards syn. borecole is an heirloom vegetable released in 1880. The large, succulent, ruffled, deep blue-green leaves form a loose rosette like an open cabbage, no head is formed. It is easy to grow and hardy, tolerant of cold weather, the flavor is improved by frost. Grow it during the cool season to use as a nutritious, steamed, tender green with a delicious, mild cabbage flavor.

Plant Type: Cool season annual, frost-hardy

Plant Height: 70 – 100 cm

Sow When:

  • Temperate/Subtropical: Early spring and early autumn
  • Tropical: March – July


  • 7 – 10 days
  • Depth: 6 mm deep

Position: Full sun

Sow Where: Direct into the garden bed or seedling tray

Soil Type: Fertile, well-drained soil pH 6.5

Rows: 60 – 90 cm apart

Spacing: 25 – 30 cm between plants

Details: Keep soil moist; heavy feeder, add organic fertilizer monthly

Harvest: 60 – 75 days; pull leaves from the bottom of the plant

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Product Specifications

  • Botanical name: Brassica Oleracea.
  • Variety: Georgia Southern (heirloom).
  • Open pollinated, no chemical treatment, non-GMO.
  • Seeds per gram: Approx 300.
  • We do not ship to Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.