Water Kefir Guide

how to make water kefir

Water kefir is a healthy, probiotic drink that you can make at home. It is made of a few simple ingredients, including water kefir grains, sugar and water.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to make kefir drinks and troubleshooting for your grains. We’ll add recipes to this page, so watch this space.

getting started

How to use fresh water kefir grains

Water kefir is a probiotic drink that is a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks. This delicious drink can be made with water, coconut water or juice. In this article, you’ll learn to make water kefir using water.

Second Fermentation


Learn how to second ferment your water kefir drinks. Find out how to add extra fizz and carbonation to your drink with second fermentation.

Restore and Reset

your Grains

Are your water kefir grains tired, sluggish and decreasing in size? It may be time to ‘reset and restore’ your grains. Find out how to turn your sad looking grains into healthy, thriving and plump kefir grains.


Learn how easy it is to use dried water kefir grains. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to rehydrate your grains and how to make water kefir using water, coconut water or juice.

essential equipment