Water Filter Ceramic White Handmade 12 Litres

Water Filter Ceramic White Handmade 12 Litres

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Durand's stoneware water filters are handmade in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Made of high fired stoneware, with lead free and non-toxic glazes, these vessels are the safe option for your water filtration needs. 

Fired to over 1280 degrees Celsius, the vessel becomes 'vitrified' and is designed to last a lifetime. Unlike plastic water filters, low fired ceramics or terracotta, these drinking vessels will not deteriorate over time.

  • No leaching of harmful chemicals or impurities into your water.
  • Provides safe, clean drinking water for your family.
  • Keeps your water cool naturally. 
  • Suitable for town or alternative water sources. 
  • Comes with a stainless steel tap, which is durable and will not become brittle. 
  • An attractive addition to your work or home benchtop.

Say 'No' to Bottled Water 

Save money and the environment, by saying 'No' to bottled water. Filter your own water for less than 2 cents a litre. 

  • Eliminates the need for disposable plastic bottles.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that no chemicals have leached into your water from a plastic bottle. 

Perfect for off-grid water storage

The gravity fed filtration system does not require electricity, or plumbing and does not require a fixed installation. This makes it perfect for your off-grid water needs, or for those who want to reduce their electricity usage. The system is easy to move and clean. 

How does a gravity fed system work? Simply add water to the filter container (which sits inside the main storage container). The force of gravity pushes the water through the microporous ceramic walls of the filter. The inside walls of the Doulton filter are impregnated with silver. The silver acts as a natural biocide to keep water inside your filter and keeps your stored water pure. The water passes through the activated carbon filled core of the filter and drips into the bottom storage container.  

Premium quality Doulton Ceramic Filter

Comes complete with a Doulton Ceramic Filter, a world-class filtration system that will remove at least:

  • 95% chlorine
  • 99.999% harmful bacteria<
  • 99.999% amoeba
  • 98% suspended solids
  • 99.999% giardia
  • 99.999% cryptosporidium

Particulate Reduction:

  • 0.9micron>99.99%
  • 0.5micron>99.9%
  • 0.2micron>98%.


  • The ceramic surface of the filter is made of 100% natural 'earths' and uses coconut shell activated carbon. 
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Long life and excellent value, the ceramic filter has a capacity of 2000 litres and will last approximately 12 months. 
  • Maintains the beneficial minerals in your water. 
  • Features enhanced antibacterial properties. The silver impregnated ceramic walls makes this system superior to other ceramic filters and prevents microbiological growth.

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