Pumpkin Jap
Pumpkin Jap Vegetable Seeds
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Pumpkin Jap Vegetable Seeds


  • Popular, heirloom variety.
  • Tolerant of poor soil.
  • Good storage ability.
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Pumpkin ‘Kent’ Vegetable Seeds

Botanical name: Cucurbita maxima

Also known as Jap Pumpkin.

The ‘Kent’ pumpkin is a classic variety known for its deliciously sweet and dense flesh. Its deep orange skin encases vibrant, rich-tasting flesh, making it ideal for pies, soups, and roasting. This variety typically produces fruits weighing between 5-10 kg.

This pumpkin does particularly well in hot areas of Australia. It has an excellent flavour and stores well. Fruit weighs approx. 2 kg. Usually 2 – 4 pumpkins are produced per vine. Days to harvest: 100.

Plant Information

  • Plant Type: Warm season annual, frost tender
  • Plant Height: Vines can spread up to 4 meters
  • Sow When: Germinates best at soil temperatures of 18 – 30°C
  • Temperate: Spring – after the last frost
  • Subtropical: Spring – after the last frost
  • Tropical: Autumn – when temperatures are cooler

Germination Information

  • Germination: 7 – 14 days
  • Depth: Plant seeds 2-3 cm deep
  • Position: Full sun, provide ample space for vine growth
  • Sow Where: Directly into garden soil or start in seedling pots
  • Soil Type: Rich, well-drained soil with pH 6.0 – 7.5
  • Rows: Space rows 2 – 3 meters apart
  • Spacing: Plant seeds or seedlings 1 – 1.5 meters apart
  • Details: Ensure consistent moisture during germination and growth; provide support for vines to prevent fruit from touching the ground, which can lead to rotting; watch for pests and diseases and treat as needed

Harvest: 90 – 110 days after sowing

Additional information

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Product Specifications

  • Variety: Jap/Kent (heirloom).
  • Botanical name: Cucurbita moschata.
  • Open pollinated, no chemical treatment, non-GMO.
  • Seeds per gram: Approx. 12.
  • We do not ship to WA or Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.