Peat Moss Isolated
Peat Moss 25 Litres
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Peat Moss 25 Litres

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  • pH adjusted with lime. Ready to use.
  • Make your own potting mix.
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Peat Moss 25 Litres

A natural and organic growing medium that can be used for growing microgreens, seedlings, container plants and for soil improvement.

  • Also known as ‘sphagnum’ peat moss.
  • Excellent water retention. Slowly releases moisture to plants.
  • Make your own potting mix (e.g. combine with perlite).
  • Suitable for home gardeners and commercial growers.
  • Helps loosen and aerate heavy soil.
  • Sustainably harvested Canadian peat.


  • pH adjusted with lime.
  • Fine grade.
  • Australian made.
  • Available in 25 litre bags.

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