Glass Sprouting Jar


  • Grow alfalfa, broccoli, pulse & grain sprouts.
  • One litre, extra large capacity.
  • Add a 250 gram packet of broccoli seeds for only $14.99 extra.

Glass Sprouting Jar with Rust Proof Lid

With this handy glass sprouting jar you can grow your own sprouts at home. This economical option allows you to keep multiple different sprouts on the go, all the time. A convenient, and easy method, that helps you add fresh, nutritional sprouts to your daily regime. Grow sprouts all year round (avoid extreme heat and cold. Keep in cooler position).

What Can You Sprout With These Jars?

You can sprout a wide range of grains, seeds, nuts, legumes and pulses. Some of the most popular options include broccoli, alfalfa, radish, lentils, mung beans, chickpeas, wheat, spelt and adzuki beans. In as little as 2 – 5 days, you can enjoy a harvest of living food. The fine, straining lid makes this jar suitable for even tiny seeds.

Unlike other sprouting jars on the market, that only have a 600 ml capacity, this jar has a 1 litre capacity. This size is ideal for larger quantities of wheat, spelt, lentils, & more. The wide-mouth makes it easy to remove your sprouts, and to clean the jar.

DIY Sprout Jar

You may have considered making your own sprouting jar from a glass jar, rubber band & piece of muslin fabric. Although we love the DIY approach (check out our sprouting seed range that makes DIY sprouting very easy), the benefit of this jar is that you can reuse it. The RUST PROOF straining lid makes it a durable and safe option. To wash your jar and lid in the dishwasher, rinse under cold water and remove any seeds or sprouts. Place in the top shelf of your dishwasher (under 85°C).

How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar

  • Fill your Mason jar one quarter with pulses, grains or seeds (depending on variety. e.g. broccoli seeds – use 1.5 tbsp of seeds). Fill the rest of your Mason jar with water.
  • Soak for 6-12 hours (depending on climate and the product that you are sprouting).
  • Drain and rinse with water.
  • Leave your jar upside down, on a dish rack or in a big bowl, for approximately 12 hours.
  • Repeat these steps until you have a harvest of delicious and healthy sprouts.

Want to find out more about sprouting seeds at home? Click here to download our handy sprouting guide.

Product Specifications

  • Includes a food safe, BPA free, rust-proof, straining lid.
  • One litre jar provides ample space for your growing sprouts.
  • The wide mouth opening (86mm) makes it easy to remove the sprouts from your jar.
  • Suitable for all size seeds including broccoli and alfalfa.
  • Lid colour may vary.

Download Growing Guides

Click here to download a sprouting guide with growing tips, instructions & troubleshooting.

Click here to download a microgreen guide with growing tips, instructions & troubleshooting.

Want to learn more about growing sprouts & microgreens? Check out our Learning Hub which has articles about growing the most popular varieties.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ingrid Gregory
So quick and easy

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the jars and seeds arrived, and all the information provided to help get growing. I bought 3 jars and 3 different seeds - alfalfa, radish and broccoli - and have had immediate success with all three; now onto our fourth harvest! So that we can eat more each day, I'm going to buy another 3 bottles - what a great design! Not like the old days of having to rinse through cheesecloth and ensure it didn't attract mould. Thanks!

Isobel Liew
Glass sprouting jar

The jar looks good and I received it quickly and in good order. However, as it is now winter, I have not really use it. But it should be okay. Thanks

Paul Dean
Glass sprouting jar

I bought 2 to see how they went. The lid has a great design. Easy to rinse sprouts and drain. Glass is solid. I bought 4 more. Can't recommend this enough. Thanks guys.

Great Service & Great products

Hi Bonnie,
Thank you very much for taking your time and explaining all the options in sprouting.
Received the bottle & the seeds. Done my 2nd harvest.
Great product. Will definitely recommend all my friends to use your products.

Mark Simonis
Love it

The products were really well packed, delivered as expected as expected.
I have been busy growing sprouts and love it