Durand Bread Cloche Handmade Oatmeal

Durand Bread Cloche Handmade Oatmeal

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The Durand bread cloche helps you make the perfect 'No-Knead' and 'No-Mess' crusty artisan style bread. It has been designed to provide the traditional finish that you would get if you baked your bread in a brick oven. 

  • Safe, non-toxic and lead free glazes.
  • High quality, high fired stoneware.
  • Non stick finish, easy to clean and will not stain.
  • Made in the Gold Coast Hinterland. 
  • Dishwasher safe.

Heat: The ceramic distributes the high amount of heat evenly, giving your loaf a crispy, exterior. The high fired ceramic traps the heat and replicates a traditional brick oven.

Moisture: The lid of the cloche traps the moisture inside that is evaporated from the dough. This moisture ensures the loaf to stay moist whilst baking, creating a light and airy texture on the inside and crisp finish on the outside. 

Multiple uses: The shape the cloche allows it to be used for a number of baking purposes including casseroles and baked casseroles. 


Height:16- 18cm

Width: 24- 26cm