Broccoli & Brassica Sprouting Seed Kit

Broccoli & Brassica Sprouting Seed Kit

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Get started with your sprouting journey with a collection of our most popular seeds.

Broccoli, kale and radish are all part of the brassica family, and known as being the healthiest of sprouts. These seeds contain sulforaphanes which researchers have found to have anti-cancer properties. 

Brassica sprouts have a strong, tangy taste, similar to mustard. Add a 'kick' to your salads, raw food dishes and smoothies.

Kit Includes:

  • Two x 1 litre, BPA free glass sprouting jars.
  • 100g organic broccoli seeds.
  • 50g organic radish seeds (China Rose or Red Rambo radish).
  • 100g kale seeds (not chemically treated, open-pollinated).
  • 50g white mustard seeds (not chemically treated, open-pollinated).

How to use a sprouting jar 

Add 1.5 tbsp of seeds to your jar. Fill jar halfway with water and soak for 4-8 hours (depending on seed and climate). Drain and rinse with cool water. Leave your jar upside down, on a dish rack or in a bowl to drain. Rinse seeds well 2-3 times per day, and drain. Repeat these steps until you have a harvest of sprouts. Harvest time is generally between 3-5 days.

Please note:Seeds are unable to be sent to Western Australia or Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.


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