How to use a fermenting airlock lid

The benefit of using an airlock lid for your fermentation is that it keeps oxygen out of your fermentation, while releasing the build-up of carbon dioxide. This greatly reduces the issues of mould and bacteria; keeping your fermented vegetables safe.

How do I use an airlock device?

  • Watch this YouTube intro video (3.5 mins):
  • Ensure that the silicone (o-ring) seal is in place on the inside of your fermentation lid. This seal stops oxygen from seeping into your jar from underneath the lid. Do not push the airlock too hard into the grommet as it may break your airlock.
  • Fill your jar with vegetables and salty water (as per your recipe). Allow 3-4 cm of head space between the brine and top of your jar. Use your glass weight to push the vegetables underneath the brine. A large cabbage leaf can be used to keep little floating pieces under the brine.

 Replace the water in your airlock as necessary. Refill to half way mark.