Fermented Vegetables Guide

fermented vegetables guide

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red cabbage sauerkraut recipe

Red cabbage sauerkraut is quick and easy to make. With two simple ingredients – salt and water – you can make a food that can be added to soups, stews, salads, or used as a side dish. Find out how to make this delicious dish.

white cabbage sauerkraut recipe

Sauerkraut is one of the most well-known fermented vegetable dishes. This traditional dish is easy to make at home.Keep a few jars of sauerkraut in your fridge to use as a tasty side dish, or to add to soups, veggie burgers, salads or stews.

how to use a fermentation airlock

The benefit of using an airlock lid for your fermentation is that it keeps oxygen out of your fermentation, while releasing the build-up of carbon dioxide. Find out how to use a fermentation airlock, for a safe fermentation.


Find out how to make kimchi in a mason jar using only a few ingredients. Make lacto-fermented kimchi at home.


Sauerruben is a traditional German fermented dish that is similar to sauerkraut. It is made of turnips instead of cabbage. Get the recipe!

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