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Snow Pea Microgreen Seeds


These sweet and tender pea shoots are delicious in salads, sandwiches, raw food dishes or Asian stir-fries. Easy to grow, with long stems and leafy tops. Harvest within 10 - 14 days.


  • Contains vitamins A and C
  • Folic acid, calcium, iron, fibre, and protein.


Growing medium: Soil or hydroponic.


Soaking: Use 1 cup of seeds for a standard growing tray, 30 x 35 cm. Soak in cool water for 4 hours. Ensure that you soak them in ample water as the seeds will expand.

Sprouting: Sprout seeds for 1 -2 days using a sprouting jar or hemp bag. Plant the seeds when they have a sprouted 'tail' of approximately 1-2 mm.

Growing temperatures: The ideal growing temperature is 15 - 25 degrees Celsius.

Tray growing:  Add 2 - 3 cm of soil or coir peat to your growing tray. Mix nutrients into your growing medium such as compost or vermiculite. Use a tray or small block of wood to flatten the soil. Lightly water soil. Sprinkle seeds over the surface of the soil and ensure that seeds do not overlap. Overcrowding leads to problems with mould or rot. Lightly water using a spray mist bottle.

Cover your seeds with a growing tray and store in a well ventilated, cool spot. During the germination phase, seeds should not be exposed to light. Water 1 - 2 times daily. Keep covered for 2 - 3 days. 

Remove top tray and expose the plant to direct sunlight. Water twice daily, and do not overwater. Ready to harvest in 10 - 14 days. 


  • Untreated seeds. No chemical treatment. 
  • Non-GMO.
  • Non-hybrid, open pollinated.
  • Grown in USA.
  • Germination rate - high.
  • Variety: Pisum Sativum.
  • Available: 250 gram, 400 gram & 800 gram.

Please note: Unfortunately, we cannot send seeds to Western Australia or Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.