Climbing Bean Purple King Vegetable Seeds

Climbing Bean Purple King Vegetable Seeds


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The King of Colour

Purple King climbing bean is a high yield variety, which grows up to 15 cm. It has vibrant purple skin and flat pods. It is known as Magic Bean as it turns green when cooked.

Harvest when the pods are young and tender. It is recommended that it is grown over a trellis, frame or fence. 

Growing Information

  • Space plants  10 - 20 cm.
  • Space rows: 100 cm.
  • Sowing depth: 3 cm.
  • Soil temperature: 16 - 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Maturity: 65 - 75 days.
  • Plant: Spring and early summer.
  • Grows best in soil that is nearly neutral.
  • Full sun and well drained soil.
  • Sow after frost.
  • Easy to grow and hardy variety.


    • Non-GMO.
    • Not chemically treated.
    • Traditional, open pollinated seeds.
    • Variety: Phaseolus Vulgaris.
    • Available in 20 grams, 100 grams & 250 gram packets.

    Please note: Seeds cannot be sent to Western Australia or Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.